5 Qualities- Leading you to be a successful singer

5 Qualities- Leading you to be a successful singer


Singing is an art. A good singer is both a good musician and performer. In fact, there is an interdependent relationship between performance and singing.

Want to be a good singer? With the following five qualities, to make you perform singing in a wonderful way.

1. A pair of sensitive ears

For those who do not have sensitive hearing skills, learning to match pitch is the first step in singing. Listening with a singing tutor and practising at home will help you with your hearing skills.

2. Breath support

The more support you have with your breathing, the longer it takes to sing phrases, and it will be more easy for you to sing. By understanding your body's structure and practising breathing-related exercises, you can develop a strong breathing support foundation that allows you to easily sing newly in-tune songs.

3. A relaxed body

When performing singing, if the body is stiff, it will also make the audience nervous. Learn to relax while singing, including the jaw, tongue and neck. You can practice singing in front of the mirror and pay attention to your body. Will you strain your shoulders and neck when you sing high notes?

4. Balanced posture

When you are singing, practice a comfortable standing position, do not cross your arms or leaning to one side. Balance your feet, pelvis and entire spine.

If you play another instrument while singing, you may need to spend more time to find a good posture for your body.

5. Increase confidence

Maintaining a relaxed mindset and correct posture will make you feel more confident while singing. Practice listening skills, breathing support and other excellent singing elements will also help you to be more confident in your singing ability.

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1. 一雙靈敏的耳朵


2. 丹田的支持


3. 放鬆身體


4. 平衡的姿勢



5. 増強自信心


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