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(學唱歌)Vocal Coach Reacts to 張學友 - 愛如潮水

I am now on Patron, please check it out for more videos

3 Tiers of Membership Plans for Selection

Tier 2 & 3 with Vocal Coaching and Vocal Warm Up

Also if you are BIG fans of Tam's Family (Celine, Dion & Me),

Tier 1 $6.9 is good enough.

Thanks for SUPPORT and I love you guys.

More Advance Singing Class through Skype Available Now,

Go to Sing and You Vocal School website and Check it out TOO.

Celine Daddy 譚芷昀爸爸(唱歌老師)在線學唱歌 無論你在香港,內地或海外,安在家中,現在可以享受Celine 爸爸的唱歌教學,點擊以下查看三種不同網上唱歌課程音樂計劃

Book A Trial / 預約試堂 : / Whatsapp 9698-1248




小朋友,男仔8碎, 冇底子,有咩班岩?

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