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Annie跟了校長學唱歌幾年的Annie 近日有幸獲邀到北京表演,在中國大劇院大舞台上領唱<中國紅船>。Annie表演從容,維持平時的水準,同時享受舞台。演唱後掌聲如雷,隨即獲海南衛視邀請參與本年中秋特別節目<爭奇鬥絕全國少數民族文藝匯演>並演唱同樣是校長親自教授的神曲<You Raise Me Up>,把既優美又可愛的歌聲帶給全國人!目前,節目已完成拍攝,Annie拍攝時十分興奮和享受。隨後,我們會在這裡發放表演片段供大家欣賞學習。 Our student, Annie, who has been learning singing with Principal Steve for a few years, was recently invited to perform in Beijing, leading the singing of "Chinese Red Boat" on the enormous stage of the China Grand Theater. Annie performed calmly, maintaining her usual level while immersing herself in the stage atmosphere. The last music note was followed by thunderous applause.Accordingly, Annie was invited by Hainan Satellite TV to participate in this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival special program "Struggle for Wonders and Fight for the National Minority Art Performance" and sing the well-known song "You Raise Me Up", which was also taught by the Principal, to bring the beautiful and lovely singing to the people of the whole country! At present, the filming of the show has been completed, and Annie was very excited and enjoyed it 100% while filming. Soon after broadcasting, we will post the performance clips for everyone to enjoy and learn from it! Parent Testimonials 家長心聲:

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