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歌手席琳-迪翁的病情疑似有所恶化?Celine Dion was seriously ill and paralyzed in bed?

According to Canadian media reports, the well-known singer Celine Dion's condition was suspected to have worsened. The concert originally scheduled for the 5th of this month in Las Vegas was cancelled. It is heartbreaking to hear the news of Celine Dion's latest health condition. Celine Dion is always my daughter, Celine Tam’s role model and teacher. Her performances kept motivating and inspiring her path on singing. The good memories of singing Celine Dion’s song “ My heart will go on” in AGT are still vivid in our mind. It is always Tam's biggest dream to sing with her! We are here sending love and prayers to Celine Dion and her family, hope she recovers soon and regains a healthy look onstage.

Sources are reproduced from IMedia: Celine Dion was seriously ill and paralyzed in bed after the day. The family confirmed the news that many concerts have been cancelled. - iMedia (

据加拿大媒体报道,知名歌手席琳-迪翁的病情疑似有所恶化。原定于本月5日在拉斯维加斯举行的音乐会被取消。听到席琳-迪翁最新健康状况的消息,令人心碎。席琳-迪翁一直是谭芷昀的榜样和老师。她的表演一直激励和鼓舞着我女兒的歌唱之路。在AGT演唱你的歌曲 "My heart will go on "的美好回忆仍在我們脑海中清晰可见。能夠与席琳-迪翁一起唱歌一直是谭芷昀最大的梦想。我们在此向席琳-迪翁和她的家人送去爱和祈祷,希望她早日康复,在舞台上恢复健康的面貌。


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