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生病時唱歌的6個小貼士 6 Tips for singing while sick

How to Sing Do Re Mi ft. Vocal Coach 唱歌老師 Steve Tam

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Getting sick can be very hard on singers. It is because our vocal cords swell a bit when we are sick so it is difficult for us to sing as usual.

As a nasal allergy sufferer, my voice becomes rusty, nasal and my breathing becomes a little difficult during allergy attacks. Although it still works well from others' perspectives, I want to do better. Even though I am not a doctor, I have my ways of minimizing the agony of illness based on my music knowledge as well as years of experience, Therefore, here are some useful ways that help you sing better when you are sick.

1 Wash your hands often

2 Drink enough water

3 Get enough rest and sleep

4 Avoid drinks with Caffeine

5 Maintain a balanced diet

6 Exercise more

Following the above tips, especially the first 3 tips, will make you feel more comfortable singing while sick. To learn more about it, you can check out my previous article on "Singing and Breathing".

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