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《When I look at you》是电影《The Last Song》的主题曲由歌手、词曲作家及演员Miley Cyrus演唱讲述父亲和女儿间静水流深的亲情


除了特邀Celine父亲出镜更隐藏有香港摄影爱好者的私密打卡地快来探究一下~ 互动有奖

香港的美需要你“深挖”猜一下Celine下一首歌会是在香港哪个打卡地拍摄的吧?在12月31日24:00前关注留言并获点赞数前3的小伙伴可以获得驻沪办定制款护照套1个哟~ "When I Look At You" is the theme song of the movie "The Last Song" performed by Miley Cyrus, a singer, lyricist and actress, to tell the deep love between father and daughter.

In addition to the special invitation of Celine's father's appearance, we have brought to you some secret beautiful places that Hong Kong photographers adore in the video. Tap in, enjoy and explore yourself later in Hong Kong. Let's take a moment to appreciate the world-class night view.

Check the post out and participate the lucky draw by telling us what you think would be Celine's next cover!


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