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10 Steps to Grow Your Music Business Strategy. #1

10 Steps to Grow Your Music Business Strategy. #1

十步 - 拓展您的音樂經營策略

Every musician has a path to prosperity, success and achievement. There are three essential conditions to achieve your music business strategy: to stay power, have visionary and smart decision, also to understand where you and your music fit. To be successful, you can’t just rely on luck, but also have the vision and wisdom to judge whether your decision is correct or not. You need to check carefully to save time and avoid mistakes. The ten steps are as follows: 1. Envision to your path and future, first check your location and where you want to go. The first step in any strategy is to first look at where you are and where you want to go, and begin to outline the path to your destination. What is your path? You can read the artist's story of the future and imagine your future. 2. Outline your next strategy. If your music have already on the marketplace, you may need to set up your social world, such as a music meeting with face-to-face communication with the company, or with some instructors who can help you develop your strategy. This may be your new experience. If you have been involved for a while, it may be time to maintain this connection and expertise in the music industry to expand your future.

If you have just had some new experiences, maybe it's time to learn how to promote and market your business, to become innovative in the next version. Also, you can hire a marketing company to help you develop your brand.

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每位音樂家都能通向繁榮,成功和成就的道路,有三個必要條件去實現您的音樂經營策略:擁有持久力、富有遠見和精明決策、了解您與您的音樂合適之處。 於音樂路上,想要擁有成功,並不只是單靠運氣,也要富有遠見和智慧去判斷您的決定是否正確,以徹底檢查,節省時間和避免錯誤發生。 十個步驟如下:

1. 展望您的音樂未來,首先要檢視您的所在位置和您想到達的目標。 任何策略的第一步,就是先要看看您在哪里以及您想去哪裡,並開始概述前往目的地的路徑。您的音樂道路是什麼?您可閱讀藝術家實踐未來的故事,去想像和發揮您的音樂夢想。

2.概述下一步的音樂策略。 如果您已經在市場上播放音樂,您可能需要建立您的生活圈子,例如參加與音樂企業面對面交流的音樂會議,或與一些可以幫助您制定音樂策略的導師合作。這或許會成為您的新的音樂體驗。

如果您已經參與了一段時間,也許是時候保持這種音樂聯繫和於音樂行業的專業知識了,以擴展您的聲樂里程。 如果您剛剛有了一些新的音樂體驗,也許是時候學習推廣和營銷,並在下一個版本中有著創新性,您可聘請營銷公司幫助您發展您的音樂品牌。

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