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10 Tips for Getting More Effective Warm-Ups for Singing #2

10 Tips for Getting More Effective Warm-Ups for Singing #2


All vocal warm-ups do not fit every singer. In fact you can easily strain your voice by trying to sing too high or too loud. So how can you find a more effective way to warm up for singing? Here are some tips !

3. Avoid certain food and drinks

  • Do not sabotage your singing by consuming dairy products, caffeine, or ice cold water, or drinks.

4. Posture is crucial

  • Be sure to warm up your body before doing vocal warm-ups. The entire body is your vocal instrument and it must be free of all tension, particularly in the shoulder, face and tongue areas. Watch your posture and stand up straight with the body weight balanced on the balls of the feet (not the heels). This will help in keeping the spine straight.

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並不是所有的聲樂熱身都適合每一位歌手。事實上,你可能會因嘗試唱得太高音或太大聲而輕易傷害到你的聲音。那你怎麼能找到一種更有效的方式來幫你的聲音熱身呢? 這裡有一些提示!


  • 不要食用乳製品,咖啡因或冰冷的水或飲料等會破壞你歌唱得飲品和食物。


  • 在進行聲樂熱身之前一定要先為你的身體熱好身。 整個身體是你的聲樂器,它必須沒有任何張力,特別是在肩部,面部和舌頭區域。 觀察你的姿勢,站直,身體重量平衡在腳掌(不是腳跟)上。 這將有助於保持脊柱挺直。

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