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怎樣學唱歌:呼吸的方法 How to learn to sing: Breathing method

我在Sing and You學習已經有一段時間了。Sing and You的導師曾經說過,嗓子是天生的,唱歌技巧是後天的。所以,嗓子不是練出來的,要練的是功夫。以下我將說說Sing and You導師曾經教過我的一種鍛練丹田呼吸的方法。


  • 首先,把肺裡的氣全部呼出去,要呼得乾淨。

  • 然後,屏住呼吸,把手按在小腹,也就是常說的丹田,用力使丹田鼓起,手在丹田上用力。

  • 鼓起丹田的時候要漸漸用力,不要一下鼓起來,從一開始到極限,大約用五秒鐘時間,然後到極限的時候,持續五秒鐘。

  • 最後,漸漸放鬆,也不要一下放鬆,用大約五秒時間。


Do you think it is hard to learn singing? Indeed, Sing and You taught me that the voice is naturally borne; singing is acquired, so the voice cannot be acquired through practice.

First of all, breathe out all the air in our lungs. Then, hold your breath and place your hand at the abdomen. It is often said that singing requires a deep breath controlled by the diaphragm. We should add force and increase the force gradually to reach the limit. Stay at the limit with about five seconds and gradually relax slowly in about five seconds of time. Be careful in the whole process, not to breathe. With this practice, you can acquire the breathing techniques required for singing.

This is a cycle, so practice it two hours every day. After half a year, you will be able to acquire powerful vocals and singing techniques, but do not stop in the middle, especially the first seven days, be sure to stick with it! Do more swimming and jogging to practice your vital capacity. Check some music videos and imitate the mouth shape of singers when they are singing. The best is to find professional vocal coaches for more singing practices. They can guide us so that we are not going to practice in a wrong direction or damage the vocal cord. Remember do not sing too often with your vocal cord. Make sure your voice is far and steady. Note the use of breath, otherwise, your voice may crack and your vocal cords may be damaged easily.

Learn to sing is an art. In order to improve the expression of children in a singing performance, students should be given suitable and right training in singing techniques, training include: singing posture, breathing, phonation and articulation as well as other requirements.

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