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學唱歌技巧 - 欠缺自信心? 學唱歌培養一技之長

孔子說:“知之者不如好之者,好之者不如樂之者。”要培養小朋友的自信心,首先要激發其興趣。興趣是調動思維、探求知識的內動力,正如托爾斯泰所說:“成功的唱歌教學需要的不是強制,而是激發學生的興趣。”興趣與自信心總是相輔相成的,只有產生了興趣,才會有自信地\唱歌。興趣不是天生的,要靠後天的引導和培養,好像興趣班與課外活動等。教師要根據小朋友身心發展規律和審美心理特徵,在輕鬆愉快的學習氣氛裡,用生動活潑的教學形式和豐富多彩的教學內容,同時兼顧專業的唱歌技巧訓練, 想方設法激發和培養學生的興趣。




Confucius said,"those who know are worse off than those who are interested, and those who are interested are worse off than those who enjoy it." To train up students’ confidence, the first is to arouse their interest. Interest is the motivation to think, investigate and explore more different knowledge. As Tolstoy said,"Successful teaching needs not mandatory, but rather to stimulate students’ interest and enthusiasm". Interest and confidence are always complements, and only until students are interested in singing, they would be able to sing with confidence and acquire singing techniques. Interest is not innate, it relies guidance and training to develop. Singing coaches should teach singing by an interactive and lively way in a relaxed atmosphere. Adjust the teaching method according to student’s physical and psychological characteristics is crucial for enhancing singing techniques of them and stimulating every students’ interest towards singing.

Music lessons and vocal training courses have its own characteristics, and every song has its own context as well. Vocal coaches can teach singing by using stories and languages according to the context of songs. Showing the story of the song through multimedia screen also helps to create a colorful and interesting environment to nurture students’ singing skills and interest towards singing and music, resulting a huge motivation to learn, happy to accept new knowledge about singing, and enjoy the learning process of singing. This also helps to improve teaching quality and effectiveness.

However, from a psychological point of view, attention cannot be sustained for a primary one or two student in class, the most they can stay concentrated is 10 minutes. If children are not able to concentrate in class, they are not able to acquire singing skills and complete different songs. They are unable to understand the lyrics and express the message of the song as well.

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