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學唱歌培養一技之長 // Let students experience the joy of self-confidence when learning to sing

快樂很簡單, 讓小朋友藉唱歌體驗成功的快樂,增强自信心心理學者威廉 • 詹姆斯說:「人類的性情中最強烈的渴望就是受人認同的情緒。」林肯曾說:「人人都喜歡受到稱讚。」成功可以使孩子產生肯定的自我反應,成功的次數越多,孩子對自我的評價越高。成功的體驗可以增強人的自信心,充足的自信心又促使人去獲得更多的成功,二者是相互作用,互為條件的。而學唱歌這種課外活動正正就是其中的一個有效的方法,參與歌唱比賽亦能獲取成功感。


每一節唱歌興趣班中只要學生有一點進步就給予成功的鼓勵,抓住點點滴滴的成功現象及時稱讚,學生體會到了成功的感覺,激勵他們真正感到自己是有實力的,能真正學習到唱歌技巧的, 從而令他們充滿信心。他們嚐到了成功的喜悅就會很有興趣地參與到其中。學生們一旦擁有了這份心境以及一技之長,那麼對於將來的一切困難、挑戰都能夠勇敢地非常自信地面對,他們也會比別人多一份成功的機會。這也是音樂,唱歌基礎教育所要達到的最終目標之一。你也想令小朋友的心境更健康嗎?

Happiness is simple. Having children to learn singing successfully can help to build up their confidence. Psychologist William James said: “The most intense desire of a human nature is the sense of recognition." Abraham Lincoln once said:. "Everybody likes being praised" Success can bring self-recognition and self-appreciation to children. The more the child experience success, the better result of the child's self-evaluation. Successful experience such as awards of a singing contest can enhance people's self-confidence; Self-confidence has prompted plenty of people to strive for more success, both are interrelated and vice versa.

Therefore, teachers should be good at finding out the student's bright spot, do not skimp on sincere praising and encouragement. Students’ confidence can be filled with sincere eyes, filled with words of appreciation. A cordial gentle touch or even just a little prize can motivate students to achieve more and build up their confidence. Sometimes students may not be very confident in singing or singing techniques , but you must not interrupt his/her performance and singing. You should show love and trust in your eyes and thumb up to tell him/her that “You are great!” The use of eyes, gestures will encourage students to increase confidence, so that they can learn the way of how to sing better.

In each section of singing lessons and vocal training courses, as long as there is little progress on students’ success, you can give encouragement and a timely praise; students will become confident once they understand the feeling of success and it will motivate them to strive for more. They tasted the joy of success and therefore, will be very interested in singing. Once the students have this positive mindset, they will be able to overcome different obstacles and challenges confidently in future. They will have greater chance to achieve success than others. This is one of the ultimate goals that basic music education and singing should achieve.Do you want your children become healthier mentally?

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