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小朋友學唱歌3大注意事項: 氣息 // 3 Critical Elements of Singing for Kids: Breath Control

想學唱歌還是鋼琴? 其實學唱歌有很多不同的學問。說到這個話題,就有些茫然,因為這是最不好用言語表達的東西。

What do you want to learn? Singing or playing piano? There are quite a lot of wisdom in learning how to sing. It is difficult to use words to teach others singing, but through practicing, students can acquire a great variety of singing techniques. Having solid foundation of producing voice and breathing methods is essential in learning how to sing. If we use the same technique of speaking when we sing, we may just produce dull voices and not able to sing beautifully. Ways of having vocal training are listed below:

1. 氣息 Breath

Sing and You 的李小朋友在學唱歌之前,練美聲兩年,給其的感悟很深,氣息基礎對他的幫助很大。一般沒有學過聲樂或古典音樂的人發聲很平,就用平常說話的位置(嗓子)發音,我們叫它聲音發“白”,沒有色彩、沒有過濾。以下我就表述一下美聲練聲的方法。

聲音應該以小腹為根源,想像聲音透過後脊梁,到腦後,到口腔後根,整個聲音應是豎立的,靠後的。請找一找這樣的感覺:你大口咬一口蘋果,露出 上牙齒,在一口咬下去的同時,發出“嗯”的聲音,感覺聲音在口腔後部和鼻腔上部的位置,這就是美聲發聲與唱歌技巧的一個共鳴點。

When we sing, we should use abdominal breathing method. When we breathe in, the abdomen swells and there will be a little push at the top position of the belly. Start making sound at that position. Vocal exercises are often practiced against the wall because the wall can contact you at the backbone. The chest can resonate with the wall and make it easier to find the feeling of chest resonance. Start with "m ~ Mom," and gradually try different rising tones. This exercise helps to find the treble breath; then produce sound from high to low, and repeat again, one day you will grasp the feeling. Vocal is about "transparent", often imagine that your voice was erected, not flat; also pay attention to the "resonance". After the adoption of sound over the chest or chest resonance, sound may be very mellow and full. To appreciate the resonance, you can close your mouth, issued an "ah" sound, "ah"longer and you will feel that the head and chest are vibrating. If the atmosphere is good, this resonance will add a lot of color into your voice. Listen carefully to the speech of some tall Americans, you will know what is resonated chest (thorax structures are more likely to resonate with foreigners).

另外Sing and You還要提到的是肺活量,歌手唱歌需要較大的肺活量,比如一些很長、不換氣的某句旋律,可不要唱完以後面紅耳赤、只喘粗氣。肺活量要經常鍛煉身體才能保持。還有就是掌握一定的唱歌技巧可以彌補一些肺活量不足的現象。唱學教學的第一課首先就要練氣息,好的發聲方法它能很好的控制聲音通過嗓門的流量,比如唱到“„„ 不怕你背叛我„„”這一句時,氣息不穩的歌手可能一下就把“怕”字的音以爆破的方式唱出來,一下就把本來肺活量不足的氣放跑了,如果後面有不換氣的長句不 把他憋死才怪。而氣息功底好的歌手能控制這些爆音的流量,演唱時話筒也不會出現一些撲聲。所以我建議大家練聲的時候嘴前放一盞蠟燭,盡量練聲時保持蠟燭不 搖晃吧!這樣你的氣就會保持在你的體內長一些時間。想想你是一直往外呼氣堅持得久還是憋住不出氣保持得久呢?當然這還需要歌手要放鬆,不要緊張,一緊張,心臟跳動加快,你的氣息就更穩不住了 。氣息問題往往是在學唱歌最難掌握的技巧。專業的唱歌導師定能幫助你進步。

In addition, Sing and You should also mention vital capacity. Singers need larger vital capacity to sing long and not breathing sentences. The vital capacity should be maintained with regular physical exercises. There are certain singing techniques that can make up for the vital capacity shortage. First, we must practice the breath, a good method to control the sound is by voice traffic, such as singing "Not fear you to betray me." The instability of voice may put the singer to blast out the word “fear”. If the vital capacity is not enough and there is no ventilation behind long sentences, the singer will suffer from suffocation. The foundation of a good breath can control the flow of sonic boom, “flapping” sound will not be produced while singing. I suggest practicing your sound by a candle lamp. Place the candle lamp in front of your mouth and keep the candle as much as possible. Do not shake it! In this way you will keep the breath in your body for some time. Of course, it also requires the singer to be relaxed and not be tensed. If you are nervous, your heart beats faster and it would be more difficult to stabilize your breath for a longer time. If you still face any difficulties,our singing coaches are welcome to provide instructions for you.

2. 高音 Treble


This is the favorite questions among friends. In their words, because the treble "charming enough," Oh! Add again, a good concert should be integrated in many ways, One cannot say that the one with higher treble sings better. Indeed, a good part of the song's climax treble give additional rendering power, but only to advise my friends not to only know the value of treble but ignore the importance of bass median voice. In fact, a plump bass is also very appealing.

找找感覺1:如果你是一個女孩,鞋子上突然有一隻老鼠,你會怎樣?估計會“啊~”的一聲長鳴,並且還有“假聲”的發聲位置。等你平靜之後,你在 “啊~”一下看,大多數“啊”不上去了。為何?因為你收到驚嚇的的那一刻,你的小腹在緊張,(想想被驚嚇的感覺,是不是全身肌肉繃緊?)正因為有了這 樣的根基,加上一股強大的氣流(可以理解成唱歌的氣息),直衝嗓子眼,聲音不高才怪。所以,你可以把飆高音的唱歌技巧理解成“緊張”、“振作”,記住,一切以 小腹為根基,要唱高音不是抬起頭往上扯的,是感覺重心向下的一種反彈力。

Try feel 1: Imagine you are a girl, if you find a rat on your shoes, what will you do? You may probably scream out loud. However, when you calm down and try to produce the “ah” sound again, it will not be able to reach as high-pitched as before. Why? It is because when you are surprised or shocked, your abdomen contracts. A large amount of air will run into your throat (Air pressure required for singing) and you can produce high-pitched notes. Therefore, when you sing high pitches, you can imagine you are shocked and remember to feeling of it. You will be able to sing treble with that feeling. Remember, it all starts from the abdomen instead of the head.

找找感覺2:見過橡皮水管嗎?要水管裡的水飆向更遠怎麼辦?掐緊水管前端,縫隙一小,壓力增大,水就沖得更遠。其實高音不一定要音量很大,有 些歌手在歌唱比賽或演唱高音時唱出很大的聲音,我們說那是用力氣和肺活量在唱,而不是在用氣息和唱歌技巧在唱。想像水龍頭理論,應該可以悟出些道理。

Try feel 2: Have you seen rubber pipes? How to pump the water to a longer distance? Pinch tight pipes front of a small gap, the pressure increases, the water rushed farther. In fact, you can treble even the volume is not large. Great singers can sing treble well. We say it is the strength and vital capacity to sing, rather than using breathing and singing techniques. Imagine faucet theory, some singers should be able to realize the truth.


Also tell you one point that your voice treble is highly related to your naturally borned voice conditions. A natural high-pitched voice is a great advantage, such as "Sun Nan" is a typical singer with a high voice, his treble will not be so laborious. Singers without a good voice condition may rely on a lot of breathing and singing techniques. But no matter with a good or bad voice or not, voice are sung out through the breath, like cigarette filters through. Filter makes sound look more beautiful.

另外Sing and You還告訴大家一種心理方法,唱歌飆高音時想像你是在面對廣闊的大海高歌,望不到邊的海天一色,這樣的風光不值得你大聲吶喊嗎?

Sing and You also tell you a psychological singing tip, try to imagine that you are facing the vast ocean and sing, Olga sky and sea, it is a fascinating scenery which worth your scream!

三、鍛煉肺活量的方法 Method of training vital capacity


There are many reasons causing decline in spirometry values of vital capacity, the most important reason is: the lack of effective methods of physical exercise and dearth of physical exercise. There are many methods to train vital capacity. The following is a brief introduction of three methods.

方法一:經常性的做一些擴胸、振臂等徒手操練習。 Method one: Regular chest, rallying and other standing exercises.


Method two: Long-distance running exercises, be aware of the coordination between actions and breathing. The distance should be an appropriate one. Do not force yourself too hard.


Method three: Practice diving or swimming to keep the arm not only in the water, but also to overcome the resistance of the water to breathe. It is a good exercise to improve vital capacity.


Exercises to improve vital capacity includes: football, basketball, shuttle run etc. Note that no matter what kind of method choice, we must have perseverance and often practice to keep the exercise effective.


The above exercise is to increase the strength of respiratory muscles, the depth of breathing, improve elasticity of the lung, enhance and improve lung function and breathing efficiency, so as to improve vital capacity.

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