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曾經有歌曲令你感動過嗎? 齊來用「心」唱歌 Learn to Sing from Your Heart

曾經有歌曲令你感動過嗎? 齊來用「心」唱歌 Learn to Sing from Your Heart 學唱歌 - 大魚 COVERED by SAYMusic Joanna - 跟AGT Celine's Vocal Coach Steve Learning Singing 學習唱歌 一首歌絕對能令你流淚、感動。言為心聲,樂為情生。歌曲的演唱是需要我們投入情感的。我們都知道:無情不歌唱,歌唱為抒情。針對這樣的目的,在唱歌教學中,情感的培養就顯得比氣息、發聲等唱歌技巧更為重要。因此,我們就要對學生進行一種人文教育,要求學生真正體會生活,感受生活,在社會的熔爐裡學會感動,那時情感的流露就是發自內心的。


Words are the voice from your heart; Songs are the emotions from your heart. We all know that singing a song has to put in emotions. We don’t sing without emotions because we wish to express our feelings and the context of the song. Due to this purpose, cultivation of emotions is even more important than training the singing techniques such as vocal projections and breathing in a professional singing class. We need to educate students in the humanities aspects and let them truly feel and experience life. Learn to be grateful in life and express their emotions from the bottom of the heart.

With the input of personal feelings and emotions, audience will be resonated and touched. This helps to connect the singer and the audience together. Even though you may make mistakes such as forgetting the lyrics or out of tone, the audience may accept you because the song has resonance with them, singing techniques may not be the most important criteria in a good performance. Having linkage with audience enhances your confidence in performing and singing as well. This is the reason why cultivation on emotion is one of the key aspects in singing coaching. If we noticed the kid’s confidence in singing, please protect such confidence well. In this case, the kid will be highly motivated to learn singing and will develop into a good singer in future.

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