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Singing tips of the breathing method

How to sing better with the right breathing method? The first thing you have to do is to practice vital capacity. You have to do voice training and vocal exercises frequently. Once you can increase the vital capacity, your singing will become louder and more powerful, singing techniques can be improved as well.

Despite voice training, you can develop a habit to run and exercise every morning. Not only you can become healthier, but also improve and practice your vital capacity and singing skills.

What is the meaning of singing with breath? We need to have the right breathing method and abundant air in order to sing beautifully. Breathing is constituted as two alternative actions of breathing in and out. (Do not need the third action, such as pausing, heaving smoking, etc) These two alternative actions are the art and core of singing. Please don't put the cart before the horse. (There are lots of breathing methods in the current market which are all focusing on the action of breathing in.) This may weaken the performance of singers.

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