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學唱歌難嗎? 又有什麼需要注意? // Issues to be mindful of when singing

學唱歌其實並不難,但在學唱歌的練習過程中要多加注意以下問題,其實需要注意的事項有很多,Sing And You在這裡指出了三點最常見需要注意的問題:






Sing And You(在這裡告訴大家這種學唱歌方式的優點就是避免由於思維而產生的心理問題,所以我們遇到突發事件時,才可以發揮出超出平時的能力。演唱與歌唱比賽時也是一樣,學習方法的過程就是思維判斷的過程,而通過情緒去找聲音的過程就是情緒支配的過程。這兩者是截然不同的方式喔~

Learning how to sing is not that difficult. However, there are many issues and singing techniques to be aware of when we learn singing. Sing And You points out three main issues that require your attention:

First point: More vocal training on articulation

We need to do more vocal exercise to practice normal and national articulation. The aim of using a relatively mechanical articulation is to solve the problem of being nervous. We need to notice that during the articulation, we can neither be lazy nor angry, be as calm as possible. We can continue this training for a couple of weeks in order to train up resonance.

Second point: Pay attention on the tone

Tone actually means “direction of speaking”. When we are speaking, we normally have a certain tone and direction as we are focused to communicate with one person. However, we need to use a dramatic way to tell others our feelings and the message of the song while singing. This voice exercise is used not only for performing the context and message of the music, but also for the high position of sound. It should be noted that we are not looking for singing as this situation is normally unnatural. We should imagine we are speaking while we are singing. We need to sing naturally like we are talking in order to ensure the breathing is correct and resonance is created.

Third point: Keep the sound in the best state

Many girls may have such experience that she can scream loudly when she was frightened. However, it is not easy to practice such voice. The way we produce such behavior is based on our experiences.

Sing And You ( is here to tell you the advantages of learning to sing in this way. It is to avoid psychological problems arising from our thinking. Thus, we can say beyond our usual capacity while we are faced with emergency. Singing is the same. The way to learn singing is equal to the process of thinking by going through the emotional process of sound.

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