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唱歌時的”咬字”和”吐字” // Singing with articulation

學唱歌時有無想過其實唱歌與語言有著密切的關係?唱歌藝術在某種意義上是語言的美化與誇張,學唱歌時咬字吐字的唱歌技巧練習對於歌唱的藝術性來講至關重要,唱歌教學過程中往往放在最重要的一個模組,Sing And You的唱歌導師在教學過程中發現有不少學生在學唱歌時總是不能擺脫咬字不標準的困擾。



Sing And You(在這裡提醒大家:歌唱中每一個字的時值都要長於說話中的每一個字,那麼吧字尾保持住才能保持住音,唱歌是這部分要唱的長而穩,才能將字吐准、吐清。

Have you ever imagined that singing is closely related to language? Singing is a sensible, landscaping and exaggerated language and articulation is of utmost importance in singing techniques. Learning the right and accurate pronunciation is often one of the most important singing modules.

Sing And You singing teachers found out in music lessons that there are many students cannot get rid of the non-standard pronunciation. Singing perfectly always means clear delivery and moving language. They are the important symbols in good singing.

In the process of learning to sing, we must figure out the relationship between the language and pronunciation to make an analysis of the music and singing. Therefore, the process of vocal training is to let students know what is "articulation".

Sing And You ( here to remind you: Singing every word for a longer time than you speak it out can improve your articulation and singing techniques. You can hold the suffix of the sound, and sing this part longer and more steadily to associate an accurate pronunciation.

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