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學唱歌有什麼需要注意? // Singing Tips: Reminders for Those Who Have Just Started Learning to Sing








Do you want to sing better? Doing vocal exercises can help singers understand and develop correct muscle memories for singing. Understanding the vocal system helps us grasp the basic singing techniques and gain a more comprehensive understanding of their essence, to digest and verify the sound through repeated practice.

Therefore, in the vocal training process, you should note the following singing tips:

1, Each singer must fully understand and apply sound and breath control methods (ie diaphragmatic breathing method), because in the whole series of vocal function, breathing is the most important part of the entire singing foundation. Therefore , the importance of breathing must be clear and we must pay attention to the basic singing techniques needed for breathing.

2, Opening the throat and stabilizing the larynx are the core of singing techniques. They are also one of the keys to classify if a vocalist can have smooth vocal skills development. The problem of many singers’ voices are mostly being unable to open the throat when singing. The instability of singing is caused by the closed throat. The correct throat position can coordinate the movement of respiratory organs in order to acquire a stable, smooth effect.

3, We have to go through a specialized vocal training and voice exercise in order to develop a good singing resonance and project our voice further. Having smooth and sleek, beautiful sound is a difficult mission for beginners. Since resonation and other sound foundation trainings are often inseparable, it often requires singers to train vowel conversion, open the throat stably and other means to regulate the breath. With the above trainings, voice rings the nasopharynx position high above the head cavity resonance point, which can help increasing the volume, extending vocal range and landscaping the sound. With a unified sounding area, high, medium, low sound area can be coordinated in a seamless, flexible and free movement.

4, Sing correctly with the right vocal articulation is of paramount importance in learning how to sing. Having an accurate articulation helps to improve exercise capacity and the flexibility of lips, teeth, tongue through the word and sound combination. This vocal training can bring a perfect and vivid performance of singing with emotion and content.

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