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讓小朋友在集體活動中尋找自信 Let your children grow in confidence in group activities

自信心仍是小朋友急切需要建立的要素,透過參加課外活動與集體活動或能有所幫助。許多心理學家發現,同齡人之間的溝通比不同齡人之間的溝通更容易,他們之間的心靈界限更少設防。一些學生在教師面前很膽小,很拘謹,很自卑,但在同學面前卻很大膽,很活潑,很自信。在音樂課上經常會發現,在大家齊唱一首歌曲的時候,很多學生都能大方自如地唱歌,有人甚至還能聲情並茂,表演唱歌技巧, 手舞足蹈,可一旦讓他單獨表演時,卻連歌詞都唱錯了!

Sing and You就利用學生之間的特殊情感為學生搭建充分展示自己的集體大舞台,經常組織學生開展好朋友合作學習、小組合作表演等集體活動,讓學生與小朋友在集體活動中盡情地學唱歌、忘情地奏、入情地演。



A lot of psychologists found that communication between same age is easier than that between different ages since people with same age often have similar mindsets and less boundaries. Some students are timid and nervous in front of teachers, yet they are fearless, active and confident in front of classmates. During music and singing lessons, most of the students can sing confidently and even emotionally when they are singing a song in group. Nevertheless, when he/she is singing alone, he/she may easily make mistakes and sing with wrong lyrics.

Sing and You uses the relationship between students to establish a platform where students can perform comfortably with others. We always group students to cooperate with others and have group singing performances, so students can sing fearlessly and happily.

Students in primary fifth grade and sixth grade are active and energetic. Most of them have a strong desire to perform and a good observation skill. They have unique understandings and viewpoints to the environment and people. Nonetheless, some students are timid and shy to express because of lack of practice. Actually, students are all eager to succeed. They want recognition and appreciation from others. Thus, they especially need to develop their confidence through participating various activities such as singing ,piano or guitar lessons.

Having a five-minute talent show before starting the singing lesson can provide a stage for student to fully perform. They are the main characters and the spotlight of the activity. Students are responsible to organize the music activity from grouping to performance. They use their own way to perform, apply and show their art and singing techniques in the activity. When the activity keeps on, students will eventually change their attitude of performance from fear to enthusiasm, and from nervousness, passiveness and embarrassment to enjoyment.

The five-minute talent show is the wonderland of students since they can perform without limitations. The singing teachers are their loyal audience and sincere tutors. When they succeed, teachers are proud of them. When they fail, teachers provide encouragement and assistance. In fact, there are still students who are afraid to perform even though they have abundant preparation. There may still be students who feel nervous and helpless on stage. At this time, teachers should create an atmosphere of relaxation, comfort and pleasantness so that students can relax with teacher’s encouragement. After the end of the performance, teachers can praise students’ advantages by giving encouragement and advice, for example, “You have a sweet singing voice and great singing techniques. Your voice has your personal style.” “You coordinate very well with your partner during the show.” Through this practice, students can be fearless to show their talent and gain performing experience, their confidence increases gradually as well.

Due to the time limit of singing lessons, it is impossible to provide opportunities for every student to perform after learning a song. Therefore, it is important to divide students into different teams. The team leader will arrange different roles to its teammates according to the song’s content, the willingness of the teammates, and their strengths. Everyone have the chance to sing a sentence and participate in the song and the team can sing a song completely on stage together. Teamwork can be practiced and most importantly, everyone are given the chance to involve in the event. As a result, with the frequent performance on stage, students’ confidence will be enhanced and their singing techniques will be improved as well.Come on, let your children learn to sing and grow in confidence!

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