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七歲小巨肺國慶酒會三語獻唱 7-year-old Celine Tam performs in 3 languages​​ on National Day

政府昨天在國慶酒會開始​​前,有一名女童上台依次以英語、廣東話和普通話獻唱《You Raise Me Up》、《真的愛妳》和《我的祖國》三首歌。 獻唱的女童是年僅七歲的譚芷昀,她颱風淡定,早在內地參加過多個比賽,有「小巨肺」、「小GEM(鄧紫棋)」的稱號。其母事後透露是梁振英自行在YouTube上看過芷昀的片段,覺得她兩文三語很好,故邀請她獻唱。

A little girl sang 3 songs “You raise me up”, “Really love you” and “My motherland” in English, Cantonese and Mandarin one by one before the cocktail section of China's National Day yesterday.

The performer was Celine Tam, who was only 7 years old but sang as a professional on stage. She took part in many singing competitions in China and was commended as the “little giant lung” and “small G.E.M”. After the show, her mother said that CY appreciated Celine’s language skills after watching her performance on Youtube. That’s why he invited Celine to perform on the National Day.

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