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七歲小巨肺譚​​芷昀美國出騷 7-year-old "Little Giant Lung" Celine Tam soon to tour to the States

Every child can have great talents and potentials in music and singing. Just like the young Celine Tam.

Commended “the little giant lung of Hong Kong”, 7-year-old Celine Tam Tsz Kwan was invited by CY Leung to sing “You Raise me up” at the National Day Reception. She was also invited by NBC Television in the United States and will soon appear on《Little Big Shot》hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

Celine Tam has been learning music and singing from her father Dr Steve Tam, the founder of Sing and You Music Center, since she was 3. She rose to fame after performing "You Raise Me Up" with great singing techniques at one of China's largest TV shows "Let's Sing, Kids!" season two.

Want to give the best and nurture your child’s musicianship? Come to Sing and You and learn singing from us, you can be the next superstar shining on stage!

每一位小朋友的音樂與唱歌潛能其實都可能非常巨大,好像獲特首梁振英邀請在十一酒會上獻唱You Raise Me Up、有香港小巨肺之稱的譚芷昀Celine Tam,勢要跟GEM一樣向全宇宙進發。

年僅七歲的Celine Tam最近獲美國NBC電視台邀請,下月赴美出席美國大型電視節目《The Ellen DeGeneres Show》(艾倫秀)主持人Ellen DeGeneres擔任監製的音樂節目《Little Big Shot》,當然不少得表演一曲,節目會在美國時間黃金時段播出。

其實Celine Tam的爸爸是資深音樂教師和創始人譚順生博士,Celine Tam三歲就跟爸爸學唱歌,學習唱歌技巧與古典音樂知識, 去年參加「中國新聲代第二季」而在網絡爆紅,特首因而留意到她。


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