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唱歌時希望能在不同音域轉換?如何能擴闊音域?How to increase my vocal range?


多謝 - Jess

Question: I am a little girl but my voice is low. I can’t sing with high pitch because my voice cracks easily. Is there any advice on how to expand vocal range? Thank you.- Jess











Actually, your situation is quite common. For your case, as you used to sing bass, your voice is thicker, which is similar to chest sound.

When we use our chest to produce sound, our voice will be thicker and heavier. While we are producing high-pitch notes, we need to reduce this kind of “weight” so as to keep our voice stable. As it requires great amount of energy, you can understand it as using pressures to improve vocal timbre.

So how to sing with high notes? Mixed sounds.

If you would like to reach higher pitches by reducing pressures, you should maintain a consistent air pressure or breathe out more air. This is an useful way to test if you have inhaled too much air or had too much air pressure. If you feel uncomfortable due to the pressure, you should inhale less air.

Another singing tip is to achieve vowels stricture. When you are trying to hit high notes, you have to restrain vowels to combine both head and chest voices. Apart from that, to prevent from laughing, you should maintain a stable mouth shape as well.

In addition, you can smile when you are delivering a performance. It is more important and even easier to reduce vowels by the latter muscles of the mouth than the front muscles. (The reason why I mentioned this point is that singers always look delighted when they are performing on stage.)

Furthermore, you should discover that there will be better vocal resonance when you are singing treble. Have a go at the vocal exercise and let me know if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

Vocal Coach

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