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唱歌也有不同方法?如何用鼻發音唱歌? What is the best way to pronounce through the nose?

問:用鼻發音的最好方法是什麽?謝謝 – Balto

Question: What is the best method to produce nasal sound? Thank you!” – Balto




最後,如果你更進一步,你可以嘗試練習鳴笛的聲音(hooty sound)。這聲音可能會有一些奇怪,但你可以透過模仿史路比去練習這種唱歌技巧。你可能不會想日日都這樣做,但這確能令你沒有太重的鼻音。



Have you ever imagined that we can use our nose to sing? This is not a funny joke! The singing technique of projecting voice through nose is caused by nasal resonance. In my opinion, nasal sound is produced by both nose and throat.

So, the first step in performing is to relax the tongue. You can press your chin area by your thumb to feel the bottom of your tongue.

The muscles of your tongue are similar to your biceps muscles. However, we have to ensure that it won’t bend when we are singing since bowed muscles will lead to imbalance vocal system. Hence, it will lead to stronger nasal sound and the larynx will be lifted up too. Voice crack may occur in extreme cases as well.

Finally, if you want to have further improvement of the singing techniques, you can practice generating hooty sound. The tone may be a bit strange but you can try to imitate Snoopy while you are practicing. Although you may not be willing to do so every day, this vocal training definitely let you vocalize less with nasal sound.

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