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唱歌應該和說話一樣自然放鬆 // Singing should be as relaxing as talking







If you interview a hundred of talented singers and ask them whether singing is as relaxing as talking normally, I strongly believe that ninety-eight of them would be in favor of this. Ironically, eighty-six of them would probably create some unnecessary tension when they are singing.

Basically, I am not a philharmonic nazist, and I don’t believe that we can only use one single method or singing technique to sing, but the fact is that to most people, or even to the professional singers, having tension is inevitable in their performance or singing contest.

We often suffer from the situation that tension cannot be alleviated while singing. That’s why we need to spend more time on practising. Practice makes perfect! You could keep singing your favorite songs to improve your singing techniques. Afterwards, try to read the lyrics loudly and see whether the feeling is similar or not.

Now, please choose a song which you find it extremely challenging, then read it out loudly, is it much easier? Or nothing special? If you find it more comfortable when you read it out, you could try again and catch up the beat. You could also follow the rhythm and read the lyrics, or even sing it. Surprisingly, you may find it useful to distinguish and correct your tensions by this simple vocal exercise.

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