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擺脫在台上的驚恐與緊張 // How to Overcome Stage Fright?

問:我在台上羞澀的問題糾結了很多年...我喜歡唱歌,也準備向全世界分享我的才能,但我不能再其他人面前表演,我要怎樣才能改變?” — Anonymous

Question: Being shy on stage kinks me for many years…I love to sing, and I am ready to share my talent to the world, but I couldn’t perform in front of the audience, what can I do to improve? — Anonymous









E - 散發出能量和熱情








Every time I receive this kind of question, I suggest you to do the following actions and practice the following singing tips, I guarantee your nerves and fear will be eased quickly. If this work, please like the article in Facebook to help others in need.

There is no exception that every singer will get nervous on stage for a period of time as a newbie. Before I get rid of this problem, I feel nervous on stage for a couple of years too. But now, performing in front of 50 even 5000 audiences is just a piece of cake to me. I am going to share my past experience, I think most of the dreadful feelings came from the voices inside you, and here are 4 steps that can help you to success easily.

P- Pleasant Mindset Seminars

A- Accurate Questions

I know there is always a voice in your mind talking to you. If you are nervous on the stage, I guess you will ask yourself questions like "what if I mess up everything?" "What can I do if I forget the lyrics?" "Why would I have chosen an unsuitable song?" "What can I do if people don’t like me?" Etc. No matter what the voices were, here is a good news for you that you are able to control them.You can turn them into your power, your motivation. You can ask yourself “What is going to happen if I perform well?”, “What will the audience react if resonance is created between us?” “What will be like if the audience love me?” You will feel kind of stupid at first, and you will need more practice, but I am sure you will go through it, and thinking positively must be better than thinking in a negative way.

V- Victory Visualized

This is a big achievement! You can break the interference in a few days, you can do even more. In addition to spell positive words, performances can also help you to reach your goal. Listen to a good song and imagine you are performing it on stage, you are charming in your performance and the audience love you madly, you can even feel the power in the room. Isn’t it great? First, your emotional mind is not going to tell you that you are in an imagination or in a real world. So, when you keep imagining your performances are doing so well, you will develop a perfect habit. And of course, you will see your amazing performance afterwards, and gain much more than you have ever imagined with confidence!

E-Energy and Passion Release

I would like to share a real fact before I start. In fact, dominant emotion in a room is the most contagious. The microphone stand in the middle of the room also becomes the dominant object in that space. So, if you feel nervous and wish to end as soon as possible, your audience will also be nervous because of you. In contrast, choose some passionate songs consciously (assume that it is the right song). This can take you up a notch, and your audience will be infected by you, widen your life experience in order to fully express the emotions shown in the song.

These are some little singing tips by our vocal coaches. Use PAVE to perform your good shows! At last, most of the successful performances require hard work including vocal training courses and singing lessons, but not innate. Try your best to simplify the problems is the best way to improve yourself and strive for better, learn on every steps.

Please refer to my “performance tips” article!

Vocal Coach

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