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唱歌時的抖氣聲有問題嗎?唱歌時又該如何呼吸?// How to breathe correctly when singing?

問:我喜歡你分享的咨詢,非常有邏輯地講解。我教唱歌已經20年。到現在我還是很喜歡看其他老師的意見和看法。好像在呼吸著個問題上我好奇你的看法。 — Dan

Question:I like your consultation and very logical explanation. I have been teaching singing for 20 years. I would like to know other singing teachers' views and comments about singing techniques. I am curious to hear about your view on breathing. — Dan







如果你或者其他的讀者想分享唱歌時運氣的知識與唱歌技巧,歡迎在下面留言,或把此文章分享出去,幫助更多的人。而除了呼吸技巧外,唱歌其實還有很多地方需要注意,Sing and You 可以幫到你


Sure, I am grateful to share with you my view on breathing.

I wrote an essay titled "How to make breathing less important” a few years ago. I believe breathing plays a significant role in singing. However, I think it is only part of balancing the voice and singing is not just about breathing.

We all know that singing requires controlling the air using our diaphragm. You can try to feel the diaphragm movement when you sing. Take a deep breath and you should feel your chest expand. This is called breathing through the diaphragm.

Breathing through the diaphragm is important in singing as it helps to stabilize the air flow. It also helps to generate stable pressure on our vocal cords, achieving balance when we sing.

An unstable air flow often results in imbalance vocal system when we sing, generating unnecessary tension and pressure on our vocal cords that would then restrict our voice range.

An unstable air flow is not only caused by a poor air flow, but can also be due to too much or too little air pressure on the vocal cords.

Try to take a deep breath and hold it, then inhale a little more air. Do you feel pressure in your throat? The reason why you feel it is that you have put too much air pressure on your throat. This occurs frequently when a singer sings high pitches. It is actually unnecessary and not recommended to inhale more air when you already breathed in some air. It would generate unnecessary pressure on your throat.

All in all, stabilizing air flow is very important when you sing. It helps to balance your vocal system and add more space. Feel free to read my essay titled “Breathing and singing” to learn more about breathing and other singing tips.

If you or other readers would like to share your knowledge or tips on breathing techniques of singing or other singing techniques, feel free to make comments below or share this article to help more people.

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