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想音域更闊更廣?如何擴張胸腔發聲音域?// How to Expand my Range of Chest Tone?

問:你好,本身我有很低的胸腔音,我可以唱得比大多數的女孩低音,也可以唱得比女高音更高,但我的胸腔音音域很快就會跑調。有什麽練習可以快速擴張胸腔音的音域? - from Kira

Question: Hello. I have a low chest tone. I can sing a deeper bass and a higher pitch than most of the girls. However, my chest tone range is off tone easily. Are there any vocal exercises or singing tips that can expand my chest tone rapidly? - from Kira













Hi Kira,

How to sing better and wider with your chest tone?

First, it is not necessary to sing a higher pitch than G chord of soprano. Most of the singers would push up their chest tone. However, it would crack their sound when they sing in the second status. Finding the mixing sound would be the best method.

Mixing sound is always misunderstood as chest tone, because both of them have a tone quality that is round and firm. Besides, they can push up the chest tone without pressure. In fact, mixing voice is the mix of head tone and chest tone. Chest tone is the resonance between head and mouth. Head tone is mainly the resonance of the head. Mixing voice can give some space for head tone and chest tone.

It may be difficult to use mixing sound at the beginning,but good teachers can help you to sing mixed sound. If you cannot use mixing sound at home, you can try the singing tips below. Singing tips for mixing sound:

1. When you sing high pitch, you need to narrow the vowels. You can imagine you are singing “ih” sound when you are singing “ee” sound. Imagine your lips are moving.

2. Keep a smooth air flow. It does not mean by adding or removing air pressure. Adding air pressure will produce pressure and push up your throat. Removing air pressure will weaken and destabilize your voice.

3. Keeping balance and lower your throat. When you sing a higher sound which is more rounded, your throat would be higher gradually. You can also sing a lower sound that is firmer. You can do it by imagining the voice of Snoopy. (In fact you do not need to sing in this way, but it can help to push up your throat.) You can reduce to sing in this way gradually when you can sing with your deep throat in a relaxed way.

I think it is easier when you sing from the head to the chest. Start with your head tone and have further development when your chest tone range is mature. However, you should keep narrowing the vowels. When you can manage it, you can link your head tone with the chest tone.

You can manage the whole process, but make sure not to add too much air pressure. You can achieve it by keeping your throat open and produce resonance.

If you still have any difficulties in singing, feel free to contact Sing and You vocal coaches to seek for professional advice and learn more singing techniques.

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