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不破音的情況下唱到高低音的唱歌技巧 // How to transit smoothly between the high and low registers without cracking my

問:不破音的情況下唱到高低音的唱歌技巧? – Anonymous

Question: How to transit smoothly between the high and low registers without cracking my voice? – Anonymous


可能很多人唱歌時都有破音的情況出現,到底是什麼原因?如果改善?聲音的破裂可以由很多因素產生。 如果你擁有健康的聲音(例如聲帶濕潤而沒有損壞等),那麽可能是你欠缺運聲的唱歌技巧。


通常來說, 破音的出現常因爲提高喉嚨唱歌。當唱高音時,我們的聲音會變得不穩定,喉嚨也會不自覺地向上升高。而喉嚨的位置在我們的頸中間的地方,通常也叫「喉結」。





The best way for me to identify your problem is to examine your voice. Still, I can offer you some classic remedies and singing tips for your reference.

Generally speaking, our voice crack when we lift up our throat while we are singing. When approaching the high notes, our voice get shakier and we will naturally lift up our larynx. Our larynx is situated in the middle of our neck, often known as the “Adam’s apple”.

Anyway, when we continue to lift up our larynx, we will continue to strain our vocal cord. Eventually, it will expel so as to relieve the tension. That’s the reason why we may crack our voice when we sing high-pitched notes. Either our throat is suffering from huge air pressure or our tongue is too tensed when we lift up our larynx. Therefore, in order to rectify this problem, when we are exercising vocal transitions, we have to maintain a consistent air pressure and refrain from adding extra pressure or forcing out too much air. Meanwhile, we have to relax our tongue as well. Hopefully, this can rectify the problem. (Frankly, it's easier said than done!)

If this cannot improve the situation, then you might have to try loosening up a bit when you are singing. You may also try to choose those low-pitched songs which are easier to handle so as to lower your larynx. This is an effective way to maintain a balance for your vocal cord.

Vocal Coach

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