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想好似G.E.M咁放聲唱歌?// How to project my voice and sing freely?

問:每一次當我唱歌,我的聲音都很小很靜。我知道我可以唱得更大聲,但我衹是不知道當中的唱歌技巧。所以我如何才能大聲唱歌呢?— Alicia

Question: Every time when I sing, my voice is very soft and gentle. I know I can sing better and louder, but I just don’t know the singing techniques. So, how could I sing louder? — Alicia













Do you know how to sing better and louder? There could be various factors that hinder your voice projection. Two common problems includes hypertension of your vocal cord and a lack of vocal resonance. In this vocal lesson, I would like to talk about vocal resonance and problems regarding vocal cord closure.

Our vocal cords vibrate when we speak in order to produce voice. The vibration happens in our larynx, which is situated in the middle of our neck.

If our vocal cords aren't properly connected when we sing or speak, we produce a very soft sound. We need to make sure we maintain a good air flow in order to produce louder sounds..

The singing tips are working on a series of voice projection exercise using “goh” and “gah”. The consonant “g” helps create more air pressure, while the “ah” sound give you a chance to breathe (if you do not have a weak voice, this isn’t something you should do as it might lead to vocal cord fatigue). Don’t overdo this vocal exercise; just try to feel it and practice this voice training when you are singing. Then, you can try different vowel combinations.

Another method to sing loudly is to fully utilize our vocal resonance. As we all know, vowel creates sounds, but with vocal resonance we can create a mellow tone.

If you drop and break a wine glass on the floor, a crystal clear sound will be produced. But if you fill up the wine glass with coins before dropping it, the sound will be mellower. When you give sufficient space for your vocal cords to vibrate, your voice can be projected. The action does not require any effort or moving your muscles.

In fact, correct postures and singing techniques can help us to relax our vocal cords and sing higher notes. It will be our focus in the next article.

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