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為什麼在錄音室唱歌要戴耳機? Why put on earphones when singing at the studio?

問:我不是一個專業的歌手,但我有點疑惑為什麼我們在錄音室唱歌時要戴上耳機?如果當我們合唱的時候我怎樣知道輪到我唱? — Vidya

Question: I am not a professional singer, but I am wondering why do we need to wear earphones when we are singing at studio? How can I know this is my turn to sing when we are chorusing?— Vidya







When we are recording at studio, you could probably hear your partner’s voice through the earphones. Generally, we use both earphones and microphones to record your sounds, but not the music. If we need to record the music and the singers’ voice simultaneously, it will be difficult to combine them together.

Basically, earphones is effective in helping to record a higher quality production, it could bring more flexibility in post-production process as well.

Hope this will help. Wish you all the best in your recording.

Vocal Coach

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