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運用丹田的唱歌技巧? Singing techniques of abdomen muscles

經常聽到人話用丹田唱歌,究竟咩係丹田? 難唔難學? 其實係學習其他唱歌技巧前,應該先掌握運用丹田的技巧。我們的丹田位在我們的軀幹肚臍下方約三指幅寬的地方(也就是約一點五吋),所謂丹田用力,就是靠身體的內部深層肌肉運氣,即用上丹田位置後方的深層肌肉。



想更靈活甘運用你既丹田或者鍛練其他唱歌技巧? Sing and You 幫到你!

Before learning how to sing better, you should know the way to feel the lower abdominal muscles. How to feel the lower abdominal muscles? Place three fingers under your belly button (that's about 1.5 inch) and the lower abdomen is right below it.

When you sing with your lower abdominal muscles, your throat will feel more relaxed and you will feel your breath gently blowing through your throat. A lot of people sing with oral resonance because their throat are not relaxed, especially when they are singing higher notes.

We should sing with a completely relaxed upper body and give force only by the lower body. Remember that your lips, tongue and throat should be as relaxed as possible in order to successfully open the palate and let your voice come out easily to give a head resonance. Singing high notes should not be difficult if you use your abdomen correctly.

However,more professional comments and instructions are absolutely useful for students. Come and learn singing techniques at Sing and You Music Center!

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