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聲音低沉就同高音無緣份? 教你如何唱高音How to Sing Higher If I Have A Low Voice?


Question: If my voice is low, how can I sing a little bit higher? — Trent











Being able to sing low notes is a good capital. While everyone is able to sing treble, it is not easy for people with a low voice range to sing treble since it requires a different set of singing techniques.

Theoretically, people with low voices found it difficult to sing higher notes since they try to sing treble with the same singing techniques to sing bass. Thus, it is difficult for some bass singer with a chest voice to sing treble.

Therefore, you have to change your singing methods in order to sing high-pitched notes.

Many singers may create pressure in their throat while singing high-pitched notes. The singing tip is to balance the pressure and use the same pressure to sing and speak. It does not require you to pay any amount of effort. This is to maintain a balance between the two.

Your voice may start to feel unstable, or cannot reach the original volume. But then you need to pay attention that your voice will not turn weak when you sing treble, it get weak since you do not open your throat and you use vocal cords in a wrong direction.

Keep trying that vocal exercise. When you can do this, you can issue voice and also to produce mellow tone.

Go home and have a try, and let me know what you think. If you need more advice on the singing techniques, simply refer to the article "How to sing with high pitch", or let our vocal coaches give you some tips personally. We hope to hear from you!

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