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免費報考全球權威Rockschool流行音樂考試 // Rockschool Music Exam Free Enrolment Program

免費報考Rockschool 2016第二期考試

截止報名日期: 2016年7月10日 (考試日期: 2016年10月至11月)

第1步 報考Rockschool 聲樂考試 (第1、3、5或8級) *報名前可先到Sing and You 進行聲樂測試

第2步 報讀Sing And You 聲樂考試課程 小組或個別授課 小組(2-4人)$450/hour 個別授課價錢另議

第3步 考試合格者可獲價值全數考試報名費的Sing and You Cash Dollars,報讀任何 Sing and You 課程

Enrol now for Rockschool 2016 Second Examination FOR FREE

Application Deadline: 10 July 2016 (Exam Period: Oct-Nov 2016)

Step 1 Enrol for Rockschool vocal exam (Grade 1, 3, 5 or 8) *a pre-enrolment assessment can be arranged at Sing and You Music Center

Step 2 Enrol for Sing and You Vocal Graded Exam Program (Group or Private) Group (2-4 pax): $450/hour Private: subject to discussion

Step 3 Full Waiver of Examination Fees upon passing the exam in the form of cash dollars for spending at Sing and You

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