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[頭條日報訊] 憑一曲《You Raise Me Up》爆紅的「香港小巨肺」譚芷昀Celine,早前與其父譚順生(Dr.Steve)夜遊迪士尼朝聖,換上武士戰袍的她獲安排上「絕地聖殿武士特訓」,舉手投足甚有霸氣,「一直好鍾意STAR WAR嘅黑武士,覺得佢好cool。」Celine更自備相機到處拍照,還走入巨型X-wing戰機跟機械人R2-D2 say goodbye,見R2-D2 識俾反應,即興奮大叫:「你睇!R2-D2真係想跟我返屋企呀!」場面搞笑。

有把天籟靚聲的Celine自小得父親Dr.Steve栽培,六歲便站台獻技,參加內地音樂節目《中國新聲代》演唱《魯冰花》一鳴驚人,其後演唱的《You Raise Me Up》在YouTube累積過千萬的點擊率,最近更獲美國《全美一叮》邀請作賽。


年僅8歲的Celine原來是STAR WAR粉絲,日前跟爸爸Dr.Steve夜遊迪士尼時,急不及待試玩「星戰極速穿梭」過山車,今年剛好夠高入場的她顯得很緊張,全程戰戰兢兢緊握扶手,瘋狂尖叫後,Celine再換上經典武士袍到聖殿受訓,化身為小武士的她學習如何揮舞激光劍,對決黑武士一刻,Celine明顯有點膽怯,但仍鼓起勇氣衝前迎戰,場面搞笑。

說到今個暑假的活動安排,Celine表示月底會隨公司出席重慶戲院開張,之後便跟家人到成都四川探訪熊貓,下月10日則會在港跟為電影《櫻桃小丸子》宣傳的汪東城會見,月中則出席首個Fans Club聚會。

An enjoyable day with “Little G.E.M” Celine Tam at Disneyland

Celine Tam, who has caused a sensation by delivering the song “You Raise Me Up” in a singing competition, visited the Disneyland with her father and voice coach Dr. Tam. Celine was very excited about the special events celebrating the Star Wars films in Disneyland, since she is a big fan of the character Darth Vader. She has enjoyed the exciting roller coaster ride at the “Hyperspace Mountain” and met the robot R2-D2 at the Star Wars games.

Thanks to her father’s nurture, Celine has become a successful singer at a young age. She has joined many major competitions such as “Let’s Sing Kids” and performed in the “CCTV Spring Festival Gala”. She has even entered the show “Britain's Got Talent” in November 2015. During the summer holiday, she will visit Chongqi and join a meet-and-greet event at her fan club.

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