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The Mental Factors of Learning How to Sing

Will you consider learning how to sing in this summer? Learning singing is not as difficult as you think of, having the right method is of insurmountable importance in fostering singing skills!

One of the important process of learning how to sing is to change the habit of singing, we have to get out of our comfort zone in order to train up abdominal breathing and resonance, and this involves lots of mental factors. Many students cannot sing a high pitch note and eventually they may be fear of those pitches. Therefore, vocal coaches not only need to foster students' musicianship, but also need to help them overcome these psychological barriers. In order to change students' breathing and singing habit in a short period of time, vocal coaches must put effort in training students' singing skills and consciousness. It may take more than one year to cultivate students' singing skills if we don't help them to overcome psychological problems, However, if we help them with their mental problems, students may improve in three months time. Of course, the time spent to improve singing skills also depends on the foundation anf time spent on training of students.

The process of learning how to sing is actually an endless cycle of updating skills and consciousness. If we only improve skills but not consciousness of students, the learning process will be greatly hindered. Therefore, a good vocal coach must both know how to train students singing skills, and also how and when to help students to train up their consciousness. ( Do not force yourself to practice these skills because working hard in a wrong way may bring permanent damage to the vocal chords.)

Teaching others how to sing is a process of diagnosing and correcting bad habits, everyone may have their own unique habits or style of singing. Therefore, learning singing privately will be be effective than learning in groups. According to our past experience, we can actually make a promise that we can significantly improve singing skills and master the abdominal breathing and resonance of our students. They can have further improvements if they practice by themselves afterwards too. Of course, students need to follow our instructions and advice in order to have improvements.

How to define whether our singing skills improved or not? Here are few definitions:

-Able to sing higher musical scales

-Able to pronounce more accurately than before

-Able to relax and not to add stress to the throat while singing

-Able to sing clearly and loudly than before

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