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Beats and Intonation of Singing

Will you consider learning how to sing in this summer? Learning singing is not as difficult as you think of, having the right method is of insurmountable importance in fostering singing skills!

Beats and intonation are something related to musicianship, we have to learn it through sheet music and it is difficult to explain by words. However, most of the people are able to learn different tempos without the assistance of a vocal coach, unless you are a person who lacks interest in music. Fu人thermore, a lot of people do not have high demands of beats, unless you are a professional or semi-professional singer. Especially in karaoke, people often sing different songs, regardless of their familiarity of the songs. At that moment, it is always difficult to capture an accurate beat.

It also depends on the needs of students when we teach them how to sing. It is more interesting and convenient to train students' abdominal breathing and resonance by singing karaoke. However, students may be misled and distracted by subtitles when singing, they may not be able to concentrate on the beats as well.

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