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10個保持健康聲音的小貼士:上集 10 Tips to Keep Your Vocal Cords Healthy: Part 1











1) Drink plenty of water; Avoid alcohol and caffeine Since our vocal cord can vibrate very rapidly when we singing, it is important that we drink plenty of water to keep our vocal cord moist and flexible. Fruits such as apples, pears, watermelons, peaches and honeydew melons are perfect for keeping our throat moist and giving us a needed dose of glutose after a period of practice.

2) Have enough rest to the vocal cords Always remember to rest your vocal cords after a long period of practice. Try to avoid big crowds and noisy places where you need to talk loudly, straining your already tired vocal cords.

3) Quit smoking Smoking increases the risk of suffering from throat cancer. The inhalation of secondhand smoke can threaten the health of your vocal cords.

4) Don’t scream Avoid shouting and screaming, and do not speak loudly in noisy places. When you have a dry throat, try to speak softly (but not with excessive breath) to protect your vocal cords.

5) relax the throat and neck muscles when singing Some singers will tilt their heads upward when singing high notes and downward when singing low notes. This is not a good habit as it will cause tension in the throat and increase its pressure, narrowing its vocal range.

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