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Our throat has a complicated structure made up of nerves and blood vessels which we need to protect. Overusing parts of a throat can cause it to suffer and may even lead to permanent damage.

The good news is that protect the throat is no difficult tasks. With these six simple little tricks, you can keep your throat healthy and stress-free!

1) Keep your throat warm

When the weather is cold, keep your throat warm with a scarf or a turtle neck top, as our neck loses temperature easily (40% -50% of our body heat flow away through our head and our neck!). Avoid frequenting between two extreme temperature zones, like walking from a heated street to a strongly air conditioned mall.

2) Avoid sharing utensils with others

Avoid sharing cups, bottles, utensils etc with others or it may cause cross-infection, resulting in illnesses affecting the throat.

3) Clean the toothbrush regularly

Toothbrush, when placed in a dark and moist bathroom, is one of the most common sources of infection. To avoid infection, always try to store your toothbrush properly in a dry container. Another good habit is to soak your toothbrush into the cup of hot salt water every time before and after you use it. It is also advisable to regularly replace your toothbrush every three to four months.

4) Gargle with salt water every night

Gargling with salt water every night can help you stay well away from flu. Another tip is to use salt water to clear your nose when it is blocked - just put a few drops of salt water into your nose and you will be amazed at the result!

5) Drink honey and ginger

One way to protect your throat is to drink ginger ale and honey. A small cup of ginger and honey helps protect your throat.

6) Warm up with the proper techniques and exercises

It is absolutely necessary for the singers and speakers to do some vocal warm-up exercises before a rehearsal or a performance, and each person's warm-up exercises may be different depending on their voice type and vocal production habits. To find out your most natural and comfortable way to warm up, it's best to find a professional vocal coach to help you!

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