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Vocal warm-up exercises are not only for singers; in fact, anyone can do vocal warm-up exercises to improve their voice and singing techniques. Here are some simple vocal exercises.

1) Try to do lip and tongue trills (during a bath or when you’re commuting!). This helps to train your breathing and practise singing through the air.

2) Your voice is generally more hoarse in the morning. Try doing some simple practice like humming, etc., to warm up your voice.

3) Before you attempt any difficult or more complicated vocal practice, such as singing scales, it is advisable to warm up your body with some simpler vocal exercises first (like lip trill and humming). You can then gradually increase the difficulty of your vocal practice.

4) Do these exercises daily. Doing vocal exercises don’t just help with your singing, but your well-being in general by relieving stress in your neck, shoulders, and vocal cords.

5) After singing, you may do these exercises again to cool down your vocal cord muscles.

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