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聲樂課要上多久才學成?How long does it take to learn singing?




It's an accepted truth vocal lessons are not cheap worldwide, especially in Hong Kong. Hence people who ask this question may be calculating how much money one needs to spend on vocal lessons. Just like learning to play an instrument, there is no quick path to success in regard to learning to sing. In order to keep improving your music techniques, learning to sing normally takes 1-2 years of weekly lessons.

Some people may ask - is it OK if we take a vocal lesson twice a week? Indeed a student of mine has made such a decision before due to a busy work schedule, but this choice was proven to be not smart. As mentioned in the previous article, learning to sing is not just about practising, but practising right. Not taking vocal lessons regularly and just practising can backfire since it is very easy for beginners to practise wrongly without realizing it. Once a wrong vocal technique is established as a result of practising wrongly, it is not so easily revertible.

In addition, the number of vocal lessons is closely related to students' ambitions and goals. If students plan to participate in competitions and shows, a few additional lessons are usually necessarily to ensure a stable, successful performance.

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