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孩子該在什麼年紀開始唱歌? When should children start to learn to sing?


唱歌的質素 一開始的時候,我們也許比較難明白學前孩子在唱什麼,畢竟他們還是未能清晰地發出不同的聲音,好好地咬字。但隨著他們語言能力的進步,他們唱歌也會進步。當然你也不能要求孩子一開始就不跑掉,對小孩子來說,連"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"也有點難度的,因此必須給與孩子時間,慢慢練習和進步。

讓孩子認識音樂 孩子在第一年的聽覺是最靈敏的,但如果未能把握好這關鍵的一年,也不需要太擔心。頭三年對孩子的說話,發音也是非常重要的。唱歌和音樂正正能幫助小朋友的聽力和說話能力。讓孩子多接觸音樂,例如在上學途中聽聽,學習鋼琴,小結他等,能訓練孩子以上兩種能力。當然,家長也可以透過讓孩子自己作曲填詞來訓練孩子的創意,不需要太難太複雜的歌詞,讓孩子在輕鬆的環境下,自由創作便可以了。音樂對孩子的成長非常重要,因此家長應該儘早讓孩子接觸音樂,讓音樂融入孩子的生活。 Singing is definitely one of the most effective tools to develop children's language ability. So long as your toddlers love singing, I would encourage them to take music lessons or singing classes at an early age.

Toddlers who are exposed to music and singing at an early age can often able to speak longer phrases or even sentences. When they are just starting out, it is natural and normal for them to be not able to pronounce the lyrics accurately. But as their brain and muscle develops, their pronunciation and singing will improve as well. Why then don't I wait till the toddlers are older before putting them in a music lesson, you ask? That's a popular question that we often hear from parents, but as I've said, early exposure to music is beneficial to kids' development. More importantly, if your toddlers enjoy singing, then singing lessons are something really precious for them because it gives them happiness, enjoyment, fun, and many chances to express themselves artistically.

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