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唱歌也可以幫助孩子學業! Singing can improve academic performance






以上所舉出的好處不單只在小朋友身上體現,青少年和成年人學唱歌也能夠增加自信心,對他們也是有好處的呢。想學唱歌嘛?先來Sing and You 試堂體驗一下吧! +852 2146-1188 Can singing improve kids' academic performance in science, mathematics and language subjects? To be a good singer, one has to have a good sense with numbers (think counting beats and note divisions) and shapes (think progression of notes and pitches), in addition to excellent diction (pronouncing lyrics accurately), excellent comprehension skills (understanding the lyrics), and a good control of the voice and breath. Singing songs in different languages also introduce us to the world's cultures and languages. Hence singing is definitely beneficial for children's learning in science, mathematics and language subjects. Can singing improve kids' leadership and social skills?

Definitely. Singing in an ensemble can boost kids' social confidence and train their communication skills. It also teaches them how to collaborate with their fellow teammates. Singing solo on the other hand also train kids' confidence and is particularly helpful for developing children's leadership, since to sing on stage is itself an act of leadership, guiding the audience to appreciate the beauty of music.

In fact, these benefits of singing apply not only to kids but youth and adults alike! Interested in learning more about how to sing better? Talk to us at Sing and You today! +852 2146-1188

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