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參加歌唱比賽應作甚麽準備?How to Prepare for A Singing Competition

在Sing and You 的幫助下,導師們會一直陪同和支持小孩子發展藝術才能,並讓孩子們了解參加歌唱比賽的重要性。

參加歌唱比賽並不是為了炫耀或獲得證書 - 更重要的是,唱歌可以提升孩子自信心,學習如何勇敢地站在舞台演出,以及透過比賽評委的寶貴評語,讓孩子自己能夠清楚自己的唱歌水平,以致能在唱歌技巧上不斷突破。不論孩子平常在浴室唱歌有多動聽,一上台就知道他們能否在別人的目光下還能展現自信。

以下四個建議將讓幫助你能為唱歌比賽 作好準備!


每人唱歌都需要有自己的演繹和風格,才有足夠魅力去打動評委。 學習其他歌手只是基本步,發展自己個人舞台魅力才是最重要的。

2. 聽聽自己的錄音






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At Sing and You, we always go an extra mile to help our kids understand the importance of joining singing competitions.

Joining a singing competition is not about showing off or getting certificates - more importantly, it's about training your stage confidence, learning how to cope with stage anxiety, and understanding your standard since you will be singing in front of real people (rather than your own bathroom!).

Here are four pieces of advice for all of you who have enrolled in a singing competition!

1. Develop Your Own Style (Don't just imitate!) It is vitally important that you sing with your own interpretation and style. While learning from other successful singers is important, you must develop your character on stage to really impress the judges.

2. Listen to yourself

When you practise, try to record your own voice and listen to your own recordings. I know how it feels when that unfamiliar voice comes out from the recorder - I've been there! But listening to yourself really helps you realise how you actually sound from the audience perspective. It really helps to identify your areas of improvement.

3. Practise the lyrics well Make sure you are familiar with the lyrics of the song. Try to just read the lyrics out before you attempt to sing the song. Don't choose songs with too complicated text that you are not able to handle.

4. Choose the right key This is extremely important because choosing the wrong key can expose your problems, while choosing the right key can help you sing confidently and smoothly! Got some thoughts to share? Tell us by email -

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