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建立唱歌的自信:引言 Building Confidence in Singing

自信心是指一個人對其自身能力、自我發展的肯定。世界發明大王愛迪生在回答別人問他成功的秘訣時常說:“很簡單,無論何時,不管怎樣,我也絕不允許自己有一點灰心喪氣。”可見自信心是獲得學習成功成材的重要保證。新課程理念指出:“ 唱歌教學要注意調動每一個學生參與的積極性,培養演唱的自信心,使他們在歌唱表現中享受到美的愉悅,受到美的熏陶。”


那麼如何能讓更多的學生們熱愛音樂、自信地歌唱呢? Sing and you認為,可以從幾方面入手,幫助學生樹立唱歌時的自信心。參看我們以下文章吧!




Confidence refers to the self-assurance of one's own capability and development. When Edison, the famous inventor in the world, was asked about the key of success, he replied simply: I did not allow myself to be frustrated.

Indeed, confidence is one of the most important factors of success. However, when I was in a choir when I young, I found that many of my teammates were nervous when they sang. They put their head down and avoid eye contact with the conductor (sometimes it's because they forget the lyrics!). In fact, it's fair to say that - many people looked and acted so different when they sang!

I have asked for many years why it was such a case, until I started to teach at Sing and You. Here we do not teach big classes, but small groups where children can safely express themselves without feeling embarrassed in front of a big crowd of classmates. So one factor is perhaps class size.

But there are still many other factors that affect children's love for music and confidence in sing. We at Sing and You would like to propose a few methods to help students to establish their confidence in singing. Take a look at the following articles! Building Confidence in Singing I. Nurturing Pupils' Interest

Building Confidence in Singing II. Games

Building Confidence in Singing III. Competitions

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