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唱歌的好處 I. 身理篇 The Physical Benefits of Singing

像熊仔一樣徹夜難眠嗎?唱歌能幫助你! Do you have problems going to sleep? Singing is going to help you!

唱歌有數之不盡的好處,對我們的身體,心理,社交發展都有著很大的幫助。今天就先讓我們探討一下唱歌對身理的好處吧! 1)鍛煉心肺功能,透過練習腹式呼吸,也能鍛煉肌肉和橫膈膜的運用 2)改善睡眠質素 3)加强血液流通,增加我們的肺活量,并減少肌肉緊張的機會 4)唱歌時我們面部表情更豐富,能充分運用臉部肌肉 5)改善站姿和坐姿 6)提升我們對四周的靈敏度 7)呼吸管道會更開放 8)研究顯示,衹要有適當和正確的鍛煉,唱歌能改善打鼻鼾的問題 9)唱歌能釋放安多芬,減低身體疼痛的機會 10)增强免疫系統,降低疾病的機會 11)減少憤怒,失望和焦慮 12)唱歌能舒緩不同的疾病,例如帕金遜症

Do you know that singing can benefit us in many ways, from the physical to the emotional and the social aspect? Here are 10 commonly known facts!

1. Singing can get your lungs exercised, your intercostal muscles toned up, and your diaphragm worked out!

2. Singing can improve our sleep since it helps release muscle tension and improve our breathing.

3. Singing is an excellent aerobic exercise that improves our cardio-vascular health and blood circulation.

4. For beauty gurus - singing can also get your cheek and face toned up!

5. If you want better a posture, singing is going to help you!

6. Singing helps us focus and stay mentally alert.

7. Singing gets our sinuses and respiratory tubes opened up for healthier vocal production.

8. In fact, recent research has also suggested that singing can alleviate our snoring problem!

9. Singing can even improve our mood since it releases endorphins.

10. Singing is found to boost our immune system, make us better at fighting disease.

11. Since singing releases endorphins, it can relieve emotional disorders such as anger, depression and anxiety.

12. Singing also helps patients of certain chronic diseases (such as Parkinson’s disease) regain balance.

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