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建立唱歌的自信:興趣爲先 Building Confidence in Singing I. Nurture Pupils' Interest

孔子說:“知之者不如好之者,好之者不如樂之者。” 要培養學生的自信心,首先要激發其興趣。興趣是調動思維、探求知識的內動力,正如托爾斯泰所說:“成功的教學需要的不是強制,而是激發學生的興趣。”



As Confucius said, knowledgeable people were worse off than curious people, and curious people were worse off than passionate people. Before we cultivating confidence in our students, we need to first stimulate their interest. That's why Sing and You is big about putting children's interest first. Interest and confidence are definitely complementary.

While some people's interest in singing is rooted in their family, for most people their interest can be cultivated through professional and inspiring coaching. A professional coach should be able to not just maintain but inspire students' interest in music as they implement pedagogy tailor-made to student’s developmental and psychological needs.

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