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10個保持健康聲音的小貼士:下集 10 Tips to Keep Your Vocal Cords Healthy: Part 2











6) Pay attention to the way you speak in your daily life

Even professional singers or people with good singing techniques may injure their vocal cord from excessive speaking. We should pay attention in the way we speak and protect our vocal cords at all times.

7) Quit the habit of clearing your throat

Clearing the throat is in fact squeezing the vocal cords, making your vocal cords prone to injuries. If you feel discomfort in your throat, the first thing to do is to drink warm water to relieve the stress in the throat . If the pain gets worse, consult a doctor.

8) Let your throat rest when you are sick

You should avoid talking when you have a cold as speaking can easily stress the throat and cause your condition to become worse.

9) Use a loudspeaker

When you need to give a public speech or make an announcement to a large group, try to use a microphone. Do not shout.

10) Keep the environment moist

Keep your home and company slightly humid at all times.

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