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建立唱歌的自信:比賽 Building Confidence in Singing III. Competitions


除了課堂上的小比賽,參加外面的比賽更能幫助他們建立舞台自信。 有些小朋友常常說自己不喜歡比賽,細問之下,便會發現真正的原因其實是他們對自己缺乏信心,認為自己表現不夠良好。其實老師只要對學生們多點鼓勵, 並透過比賽漸漸讓學生發掘並欣賞自己的優點,便能幫助他們在建立自信, 在台上如小巨星一般閃耀。

Competitions are great (and fun) classroom tools to nurture student's confidence in singing. I always like to have kids compete by doing some simple vocal warm-up exercises at the beginning of each class. I found that this really break the ice within and among them.

In addition to classroom competitions, encouraging kids to join local singing competitions is another way to train their confidence. When kids say that they don't want to join competitions, I usually help them by understanding their reasons. Most of the time it's because they think they do not sing well enough to step onto the stage. Indeed, putting kids on stage doesn't automatically give them confidence; you also need to give them loads of encouragement and some psychological counselling before the performance to help them appreciate themselves.

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