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建立唱歌的自信:遊戲 Building Confidence in Singing: II. Games

無可否認,遊戲是聲樂課堂 及音樂課堂 不可或缺的一部分。

其實上堂玩遊戲益處很多。首先, 遊戲能促進導師與孩子之間的感情, 讓孩子對導師建立信任,從而願意將心中的憂慮與導師分享。

另外, 遊戲是孩子更自然地表現真我, 因而認識自己的優點和缺點, 並學習去接受,從而建立自信。

最後, 透過遊戲學習唱歌, 令到孩子感受到唱歌不是一件苦差或是一件很難的事,反而是一件快樂而且輕鬆的事, 幫助他們唱歌時能放鬆自信地將自己的聲音, 在觀眾面前 真實地表現出來。

Games are inevitably a key component of any fun and engaging music lessons for kids.

The advantages of incorporating games into music lessons are at least three fold. Firstly, games can help to foster friendship between a music teacher and a student. When they have formed a trust relationship, students would naturally be more willing to share their anxieties openly with their teacher.

Secondly, games often help to create a natural and safe environment for kids to freely express their thoughts, understanding their own strengths and weaknesses. When kids come to know themselves better and learn to appreciate themselves as imperfect humans, they start to build confidence in themselves.

Lastly, learning to sing while playing games make kids feel that singing is a happy and enjoyable thing. When kids view singing not as an extracurricular activity they must excel at, but rather something that they are good at naturally, they are more confident to show to the audience who they are without feelings of embarrassment or shame.

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