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唱歌初探:唱歌的呼吸 Singing for Beginners: Breath Control




  • 從內心到面的表情都充滿情意,然後痛快地嘆一口氣,使胸部放鬆。

  • 吸氣時,口腔稍打開,硬軟齶提起,並與提眉動作配合,很興奮地讓後腰帶動整個腰圍向外鬆張,讓氣自然流暢地流進,使腰、後背都有氣感,胸部也就自然有了寬闊的感覺。你可以透過「打呵欠」去感覺以上動作。

  • 吸氣時不要過深,否則使胸、腹部僵硬,影響發聲的靈活和音高的準確。吸氣時不要有聲響,反之不僅影響歌唱的藝術效果,還會使吸氣不易深沉,影響氣息的支持。

  • 日常生活中要養成兩肋擴張,小腹微收的習慣。

Preparing for your Breath Exercise

A proper singing posture is essential during breathing exercises. Keep your back straight and chest loose at a shoulder width. Relax your head and look far.

Learning to breathe

  • Try to express the emotions from our heart and show the emotions on our face.

  • Relax your chest and inhale with your mouth being slightly opened. You should realize that your hard palate and brows would both lift up naturally. Feel the air smoothly flowing in, creating a space and pressure in the waist. You can try to yawn to feel this process of opening up.

  • Do not breathe too much as it would cause your chest and abdomen to tense up, affecting your vocal agility and vocal range. Try not to make any sound or noise when you breath as this may prevent the air from going deeper, weakening your breath support.

  • Try to keep your chest slightly expanded and your abdomen slightly tugged in your daily life.

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