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為甚麼你要學唱歌?Why Sing?


唱歌是一個非常有效的學習渠道,很多人小時候都是因為ABC song才懂得不同的英文字母。而一個好的歌手,更加能在唱歌中學習不同的人生態度及紀律,懂得投入感情與人溝通。在唱歌中學懂的知識及技巧,絕對能應用在生命中的其他部份,例如學業及工作等。

How many songs do you know by heart? Do you know that you can acquire various knowledge through these songs you've learnt?

A good singer can always learn something from the songs they sing. What you've learnt in singing can be easily applied to other aspects of your life, from study to work to parenting.

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